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Yocan Torch 2020 Edition: Hello, Again

Posted by Shaun Powers on

The OG Yocan Torch was the first of it's kind. The growth seen in the concentrates market over the past decade is almost hard to believe. 
The Torch was early proof that this market was ready to explode in popularity, it only needed some ingenuity and a few laws to change.
The name itself is almost ironic, given the fact that "torches" themselves were a big reason people were slow to accept concentrates as viable alternative to dry herb. By removing the need for an open flame from the equation, the Torch helped close the gap. 
At Yocan USA, it didn't take long to see that we needed to bring the Torch back onto the market. Since the day it reached the end of it's production cycle, we've gotten daily calls and emails asking about it. It was one of those great products that falls victim to a dynamic market, reaching it's retirement with the dreaded "ahead of it's time" label. That "gap" in production ended up being a good thing, as we were able to easy incorporate a couple seemingly minor changes that open a ton of doors for future ideas without closing any in the meantime. Call it a 2.0 or a redux if you'd like, but one thing is clear: the 2020 Edition Torch is back and it's leading the way...AGAIN!

So, what's big deal?

The Torch was a fantastic product that really was ahead of it's time, so it really didn't need a whole lot of "tweaking." The new color/coating options available are fantastic, and they might be the only difference you would notice if you weren't familiar with the OG Torch.
As you can see, everything you loved about the OG Torch has remained intact. The "Main Body" from the Exploded View above is the heart of the Torch. It's an adapter, of sorts, and it's not entirely unlike the atomizer base you would find on an Evolve Plus or Regen vape pen. Like those kits, the Torch body allows you to connect a coil to a battery. The genius of the Torch is the fact that it ignores the traditional "in a line" design and forms a sort of "U," which is somewhat hard to explain without a visual:
yocan usa yocan evolve plus versus yocan torch 2020 edition
The Torch essentially allows you to use your favorite Yocan dab system on a water pipe without any additional adapters or tubes or glass add-ons. Those kinds of solutions aren't necessarily bad. If you've ever used one, though, you'd maybe agree with me when I say that they can be awkward. 
A common problem I've run into with adapters is impacted airflow. That can be the result of a bad seal or simply that there is too much distance between the mouthpiece of the water pipe and the air intake of the device. The adapter may also necessitate a "prop" for either the pipe or the device or both, even if the adapter uses flexible tubing (see exhibit 'A'). 



In Part 2, we'll look at the minor tweaks we made to the 2020 Torch!

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