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Yocan Magneto Atomizer

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Yocan Magneto Atomizer | Replacement Coils and Battery

Yocan magneto atomizer is one of the most advanced and popular atomizers available online. Yocan magneto atomizer is made with high-quality material that ensures a superb vape experience.

It has a magnetic connection with pre-installed coils. It has Yocan Magneto coils that make it compatible with Yocan Magneto. This device is designed to deliver faster and more convenient use of vaporizers that ensure on-the-go vaping.

It has a dedicated magnet that gives it a sturdy hold without having to sacrifice the overall performance of vaporizers. Yocan Magneto coils are ceramic coils that ensure ceramic heating elements that deliver pure taste and vapors.

With Yocan Magneto Atomizer, you’ll enjoy thinner wisps of clouds that deliver great flavor with high potency. Some of the major features of Yocan Magneto Atomizers are listed below.

Yocan Magneto Atomizer

Features of Yocan Magneto Atomizer

This vaping device has so much to deliver you. We have shared some of the features of the Yocan magneto atomizer below. 

#1. Magnetic Connection

Yocan Magneto atomizer features a convenient magnetic connection. It also ensures secure attachment between the atomizer and its battery. Its magnetic design simplifies the assembly process which makes it user-friendly.

#2. Ceramic Coil Technology

Yocan magneto coils are designed with ceramic coil technology. Yocan Magneto delivers a clean and flavourful vapour. This availability of ceramic coil technology ensures even heating and delivers a smooth heating experience.

#3. Sleek and durable build

Yocan magneto atomizer is crafted with a sleek and durable build. Its durability makes it up to the mark of vaping products online. Its durable materials contribute to having a long-lasting and reliable vaping accessory.

#4. 510-threaded connection

Yocan magneto replacement is made with a 510-threaded connection. It is highly compatible with different types of vape batteries. This product has versatility that allows users to pair it with their preferred battery.

#5. Functional Coil Cap

Atomizer is equipped with a functional coil cap that prevents messy leaks and enriches the flavors of herbs, oils, and concentrates. It enhances the efficiency of the device but also contributes to a cleaner baking process.

These are some of the features that facilitate your vaping experience. This product is highly popular in markets online for experiencing the enriched flavors of herbs. Both beginners and seasoned smokers can use it.

With Yocan magneto atomizer you can experience the real flavor of your concentrates but with a proper usage guide, you can make your experience more enriched and flavourful.

How to load the Yocan Magneto Atomizer

Follow the steps below: -

  • Firstly, pull the mouthpiece from the magnetic connection. 
  • Now, pull the coil from it. 
  • Use an integrated dab tool and take some amount of wax which you want to smoke. 
  • Replace the coil and wait until the magnets snap back in place. 
  • Replace the magnetic mouthpiece with the atomizer base.

Make sure to follow all the steps carefully to avoid any mishappening or mistakes.

Cleaning your Yocan Magneto Atomizer

Time to time cleaning of your Yocan Magneto Atomizer is necessary to enhance the lifespan of your atomizer. Follow the steps below to know how to clean it.

  • Unscrew the atomizer from the base and twist it counterclockwise. 
  • Now, pull the mouthpiece from the base. 
  • Pull the coil cap from the coil. 
  • Now, take a small bowl and add isopropyl alcohol in it. 
  • It's time to put the complements of the atomizer in the bowl and leave them for several hours. 
  • After some time take out the atomizer components from it and clean it with a paper towel.

Ensuring the proper cleaning of your atomizer will increase its life.

Yocan magneto atomizer for sale

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