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Errors, Warranty, and Returns

We work hard to ensure that your order goes out correctly and as quickly as possible.  Unfortunately errors may occur from time to time.  If you receive an order that is not correct, you need to contact us within seven (7) days to report the error.  We will generally issue a return shipping label for the incorrectly shipped item, and once it has been dropped off with the shipper and is tracking back to us, we will ship out the correct item for you.

We accept returns for 30 days from the date of delivery. We accept returns on UN-OPENED and UN-USED products only. We will refund the original purchase price only. Shipping costs are non-refundable. Returns on orders that qualify for free shipping will have $5.99 deducted from the purchase price to cover original shipping costs. Items purchased as open box are not eligible for return.  Only items purchased directly from will qualify for a refund.  If you purchased a device from another website or at a retail shop, you would need to contact that merchant about a return or refund.  

To return a product that you purchased from, please email Please provide your order number and the name of the product or products you are returning. Product must be unopened and unused. Pre-approval is required for the return of any used merchandise. 

Returns ship to:

Yocan USA

1101 S Cliff Ave

Sioux Falls, SD 57105

No used product should be shipped back to YocanUSA without specific authorization. We will destroy any used item containing any residue which is returned without authorization. No compensation will be provided for products we are forced to destroy due to unknown residues. 

The warranty for Yocan products is 90 days from the date of purchase for any manufacturer defects.  Damage from misuse or abuse is not covered.  Coils are not included in this warranty as they are considered a 'consumable' item and their lifespan will vary based on how they are used and handled.  Coils are guaranteed to arrive in working condition.  We recommend that you test each coil immediately after purchase.  The guarantee for coils expires after they are loaded with any product or 72 hours after purchase, whichever comes first. Purchases
For warranty service on all purchases from please email Please include: 1) your order number, 2) a description of the issue you are experiencing, 3) Your current mailing address.  We will most likely need a video documenting the defect as well, but it may be best to find out what to include to avoid doing this more than once.  

3rd Party Purchases
We only provide warranty service for YocanUSA Authorized Retailers in the United States.  
To obtain warranty service for defective Yocan products purchased from a YocanUSA Authorized Retailer please email  Please include:

1) a picture of an itemized register printed receipt showing the name of the product purchased and the date of the transaction (hand written receipts are not accepted)
2) a thorough description of the issue you are experiencing
3) a video documenting the issue
4) a picture of the authenticity code from the Yocan sticker on the back of the box.  You have to scratch off the silver portion with a coin to reveal the code.
5) Your current mailing address.

We do not offer warranty service for purchases made through unauthorized distributors and retailers including, but not limited to, eBay, Amazon, Groupon, AliExpress, Fasttech, as well as other similar retailers. 

Due to concerns with mailing used products and compliance with federal law we generally require video as documentation of a claimed product defect in lieu of product return.  Required documentation must be submitted within warranty period to be eligible for warranty service.  

Returning Defective Products
No used product should be shipped back without specific authorization. We will destroy any used item containing any residue which is returned without authorization. No compensation will be provided for products we are forced to destroy due to unknown residues. 


Atomizers and Batteries
Atomizers and batteries sold by Yocan USA are guaranteed against defect in manufacturing for 90 days from the date of delivery. Test your device before loading any material as we can not accept return of products once material has been loaded. 

Coils and Pods
Coils sold by Yocan USA are guaranteed to not be dead on arrival. Due to factors affecting coil life, we can not guarantee how long a coil will last. To qualify for warranty service for a defective coil you must contact us within 72 hours of purchase/delivery. Test your coil prior to loading any material as we can not accept returns on products that have been loaded with material.

Glass parts are prone to breaking. We DO guarantee your item will arrive in good condition with no broken parts. We DO NOT guarantee glass against breakage due to handling or use after you receive it.  If you receive an item with a broken glass part, do not remove it from its packaging and email us a picture and explanation within 72 hours of receipt/delivery of the product.

Yocan USA and Yocan Technology Ltd provide NO warranty for accidental damage due to handling, or electrical damage caused by using 3rd party chargers or inappropriate use. Some parts are fragile and will break if mishandled or dropped.

Yocan Legacy Devices

These Legacy Yocan products have reached EOL status and are therefore no longer supported by the Manufacturers Warranty Program. For service on these devices, contact the original seller. 

  • Torch
  • Cerum Wax Atomizer
  • Pandon
  • ExGo W1 Wax Atomizer
  • ExGo W2 Wax Atomizer
  • ExGo W3/ExGo II
  • ExGo W4 Atomizer/Full Kit
  • 94F Dry Herb/Wax Atomizer
  • NYX Wax Atomizer
  • iShred
  • Explore Wax and Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • Thor Portable E-Nail Wax and Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • Beta Portable E-Nail Wax Vaporizer
  • 5 Shooter Wax Vaporizer Kit
  • Ultron Wax E-Nail Kit
  • Mak Tank Dry Herb Atomizer
  • The One
  • Hive 2.0
  • Loaded

Damage or Injury
Yocan USA,, Dakota Import LLC, Yocan Technology LTD and their partners and affiliates provide no warranty or against injury or damage resulting from use of any products. Vaporizers produce intense heat which can cause burns, start fires and cause other injury and damage. Products containing lithium batteries can pose a fire risk and injury risk. Lithium batteries should never be stored in your pocket and should always be charged safely. Consumer assumes all liability for damage and injury resulting from use of all products on Purchaser excludes YocanUSA and Dakota Import from any product liability.

Buyers agree all disputes and claims will be handled according to South Dakota law through binding mandatory arbitration.