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Yocan Stix Plus 650mAh Battery

  • $14.99

The Yocan Stix Plus is a big upgrade to the original Stix.  The big 650mAh battery has all day power uses Type-C charging to make topping it off a breeze.  There are even 3 different voltage levels and a preheat function built in to allow you to really dial it in.  

*****Please Note:  This device DOES NOT come with a charging cable.  Any USB-C charging cable will work.  We recommend using charging blocks that are 1 Amp.  Using a fast charging charge block may damage the battery.*****

USB-C Charging Cables are available.

650mAh Battery Capacity
Variable Voltage

Battery Capacity:  650mAh
Battery Charge Type:  USB-C
Voltage Levels:  White - 3.0V, Blue - 3.5V, Green 4.2V
Change Voltage:  Click Button 3 Times Quickly
Preheat Voltage:  1.8V
Preheat Duration:  10 Seconds
Preheat On/Off:  Click Button 2 Times Quickly
Battery On/Off:  Click Button 5 Times Within 2 Seconds

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1 Yocan Stix Plus Battery

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Chelsea Johnson
Didn’t work

I bought two vape pens and one completely did not work. Will not turn on and when I try to charge it, it gets extremely hot and makes a strange noise. Threw away and will never purchase again.


I'm truly sorry to hear about the issues you experienced with one of the vape pens. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Please reach out to us at, and we'll provide you with a discount code for another device as a gesture of goodwill for the inconvenience you've faced. We value your feedback and hope to make this right for you.

Thank you,
Customer Service Team

Gina Bell

Love it so far!! Easy!

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