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Yocan Orbit Wax Atomizer

Yocan Orbit Wax Atomizer

  • $24.99

This is the atomizer for the Yocan Orbit or Wulf Mods Orbit wax vaporizer. Uniquely designed to make use of terp balls which spread the wax evenly as you vape.

The Yocan Orbit Replacement Atomizer includes everything that comes standard with the original device, making it a must-have for anyone who owns a Yocan Orbit Vaporizer or wants to try dabbing with one of Yocan's brilliant innovations.

Yocan Orbit Atomizer is compatible with the Yocan Orbit Vaporizer Kit. It makes use of a top vertex airflow system and a quartz balls coil. It has a coil-free quartz cup at the helm.

In The Box:
1 Yocan Orbit Atomizer


Airflow: Top Vertex Airflow System

510-threaded Connection

Coil-less Quartz Cup

Spinning Quartz Balls

Glass Mouthpiece

Resistance: 0.4ohm(Quartz Balls Coil)

Glass Mouthpiece-The Yocan Orbit Replacement Atomizer includes a glass mouthpiece as standard. For the uninitiated, glass is one of the most sought-after materials in the vaping industry. 

Spinning Quartz Balls-The little orbs are produced from the same high-quality quartz materials as Yocan's atomizers, so they are as effective as they are durable.

Adjustable Airflow-This parameter can be changed at the atomizer base to limit or release the atomizer's airflow. A slack airflow helps you to inhale effortlessly from your atomizer, but it dilutes the vapor.

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