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Yocan Hit Conduction Dry Herb Vaporizer Replacement Mouthpiece

Yocan Hit Replacement Mouthpiece

  • $4.99

This is the replacement mouthpiece for the Yocan Hit. The included stir stick helps keep things evenly heated.

In The Box
1 Yocan Hit Replacement Mouthpiece

A Yocan Hit replacement mouthpiece. If it becomes too cluttered, you can get one with a whole new stirrer and airflow.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kathleen Walker
Excellent outcome!

My yocan hit works as good as new now and I have owned it over 5 years. It's a joy to own!

Sold Out?

Disappointed that this product is sold out. Forced to purchase one of their basic products at retailer that have doubled the price.

Michael Lister

Yocan Hit Replacement Mouthpiece

waldo kitty
design defect?

the Yocan HIT mouthpieces work well... until they are heated... i use 420F to vaporize my flower and in less than a day, the mouthpieces' plastic has cracked... i believe this is due to the metal magnetic ring in them heating and expanding larger than the allowed space in the plastic... this causes the plastic to crack and eventually break... when this happens, the metal magnetic ring will stay on the battery when you remove the mouthpiece... it took me a few times to realize this... i don't have any ideas on how to fix this defect :(

ordering replacements was a good experience... the order was filled and arrived in a timely manner... i'm happy and satisfied about that but the design defect... well... idk...

Craig Litow
Good head

Now that I know how to correctly clean the mouth pieces, they are great

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