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Yocan Hit Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit

  • $54.99

Yocan Hit Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit For Sale

The Yocan Hit dry herb vaporizer is one of the newest, best, small and inexpensive dry herb vaporizer. It packs a ton of features into its svelte frame. The Hit features haptic feedback to help keep you notified when the temp is right. Do not allow the lightweight feeling of the device to distract from the sturdy quality. The mouthpiece is magnetic and comes with a stirring rod attached so all you need to do is twist the mouthpiece to mix your herb. It uses convection heating and a ceramic heating chamber for the best quality. Temperature settings range from 200-480°F with a 30 second heat up time and a slight vibration to alert the user when it has reached temp. There is a crisp OLED screen with 3 button operation that lets you adjust the Hit to your desired temperature. The Yocan Hit is sure to impress at a price you can't beat!

This product is one of the best portable dry vaporizers available online. It has a convection oven that comes with high-quality USB-C charging.

It has a smart vibration feature that makes it unique. Furthermore, it has an OLED display that makes it user-friendly and effective. This product has a high-quality ceramic heating chamber that makes it super effective. The smart vibration helps it to speak to you and notify you about the status of your device. If you're using the Yocan Hit dry herb vaporizer then you need to stare at the OLED display, it starts to vibrate and tells you about the temperature.

It has a compact design doesn't mean that it is less effective. The design of this product is highly advanced and made with the most updated vaping technology. This vaping product is a perfect example of the ideal balance of portability and utility.

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How to use a Yocan hit dry herb vaporizer?

To understand the detailed procedure of the Yocan Hit Dry herb vaporizer, we have to understand the preparation, loading and vaping of Yocan Hit dry herb vaporizer.

  • Firstly, make sure that you have fully charged your Yocan HIT dry herb vaporizer.
  • Turn on the vaporizer by pressing the power button 5 times in 2 seconds. This turns on your vaporizer and you feel movement in the bottom part of the OLED screen.
  • It's time to prepare the botanicals and grind them into smaller and finer pieces.
  • At this step, lift the magnetic mouthpiece away from the battery and load it carefully into the ceramic chamber.
  • Now, replace the mouthpiece and connect it back to the magnetic connection.
  • Once loaded the HIT vaporizer press the lips to the mouthpiece and inhale.
  • To inhale, press and hold the power button and once the vapor from HIT vaporizer starts creating vapors then pull and draw it with the help of a mouthpiece.
  • Repeat the process and enjoy vaping.

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Replacement Mouthpieces are also available.

all Yocan Batteries and Yocan Coils are available.

Magnetic Mouthpiece with Stir Stick
OLED Screen
Haptic Feedback
Lightweight and Discrete 
Ceramic Chamber
Type C Charging

Temperature Range:  200°F - 480°F
Convection Heating
3 or 5 Minute Sessions

In The Box
1 Hit Device
1 Cleaning Brush
1 Type C Cable
1 User Manual

Customer Reviews

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James Flynn
I like This thing so much!!!

I just cut up a pre-rolled and put about half of it into the bowl. The thing that real makes this a top notched device is you can put the temp exactly were the herb taste it's best.

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