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Yocan Falcon Dab Tool Yocan USA

Yocan Falcon Dab Tool

  • $9.99

This is the Dab Tool from the Yocan Falcon Kit.  This dab tool has covers that screw on so you can throw it in a bag or pocket without worry that it will get dirty.  

****WARNING:  This tool is not intended to be heated up.  Heating this tool may result in damage and serious injury.  

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1 Yocan Falcon Dab Tool

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Customer Reviews

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John smith
Why would you redesign this

This was the best product you dumb mfs had but you retarded mfs had to redesign it and get rid of the caps on the end, your company is fucking joke.


Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. We'd like to clarify that we have not redesigned the Yocan Falcon dab tool, and it still features the caps on the end. Currently, we're out of stock on that particular design, which might have caused the confusion. We appreciate your passion for our products and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please let us know if you have any other concerns or questions.

Warm regards,

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