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Yocan Coils For Sale

How long do Yocan coils last?

Yocan Coils are made with quartz materials that make them long-lasting. There is no specific data about the duration of Yocan coils. This data depends on various factors like Usage, quality of coil, quality of vaporizer, design of Atomizer, technology used in coils and a lot more.

So, deciding the exact time is just a myth. Still, there is rough data which is collected by the reviews of customers after their uses and experience. According to this reviewed data, every user will have to change the coil after 1 to 4 weeks of use. If you vape too much and very frequently then you need to change the coil within 5 to 7 days but if you're not capping very frequently then it may last up to a couple of weeks.

 How to clean Yocan Coils?

Coils generate radio waves when they are activated and convert that energy into heat. So, it is very important to clean the coils from time to time, otherwise, this may cause overheating issues in your vaporizer. So, if you're using coils for some days then do check whether the coils need to be cleaned or not.

There are various ways and suggestions available over the internet but the best and highly recommended way to clean the Yocan Coils is cleaning with 99% isopropyl alcohol. All you have to do is soak the atomizer in that solution (99% isopropyl alcohol) for around 15 minutes before rinsing it with water.

Put the Atomizer in the solution for 15 minutes and let it get soaked completely. Now, put it out and clean it. You can easily reuse it by putting it into your vaporizer. This is the best way to clean the Yocan Coils because it removes all of the elements stuck over the surface of the coil and makes it more effective.

Different types of Yocan coils

The differentiation between the types of Yocan Coils can be done on various standards. But, we found the best classification of Yocan coils in 2 different types. All the products and varieties of Yocan Coils available in the market are derived from these 2 types.

A type of Yocan Coils are made with Quartz and the other types of Yocan coils are made with Ceramic. This means that there are 2 types of coils Quartz Coils and Ceramic Coils. But, these types of Yocan coils have their types too.

 Quartz Coils-

Quartz Coils are highly effective Yocan coils available in the market. This type of coil burns faster and provides Dense vapour with potent clouds. It has its types which are used in designing different Yocan Products.



Quartz Single Coil

Hive Coils, Yocan Evolve-C Coils, Yocan Flick Coils

Quartz Quad Coils

Yocan Loaded Quad Coil, Yocan Evolve Plus XL coils

Quartz Tri Coil

Yocan Regen Quartz Coils, Yocan Torch 2020 coil

Quartz Dual Coil

Yocan Evolve Atomizer, Yocan Pandon Quartz Dual Coil, Yocan Apex Coil, Yocan Armor Coil


Ceramic Coil

Ceramic Coils work exactly opposite to Quartz, this type of coil provides superb quality heat retention and Discrete clouds. Also, this type of coil is highly effective and easy to maintain. Those users who like discreet clouds will get the best results by using products with ceramic coils.

This heat the extracts will allow temperature and produce thin wisps. You can enjoy more flavorful vapour with 0% irritation in the throat and lungs.




Ceramic Coil

Yocan Magneto Coil, Yocan Stix Coil


Wrapping Up

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