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Yocan Battery Retail and Wholesale Distributor

Yocan is one of the biggest platforms which is known for manufacturing superb quality devices for wax-concentrated and Dry herb consumption. Yocan is the best place where you can find superb quality vaporizers and batteries for your dry herb consumption. 

Yocan batteries are one of the most popular products that Yocan sells online. There is a wide range of products of different types available on this platform which are designed for specific purposes. So, if you're searching for 

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  • What is a Yocan Battery? Types
  • Yocan battery price? 
  • Yocan battery charging
  • Yocan battery near me

What is a Yocan Battery?

Yocan battery is one of the flagship products of Yocan. The Yocan battery is designed for a Vape pen which generally comes under the capacity of 650mAh. There are various types of Yocan Batteries which you can find online. 

Yocan battery Uni Pro 

Yocan Uni Pro is one of the most selling Vape pen batteries that comes with a Magnetic connector, and adjustable diameter. Furthermore, it has an OLED display and 510 thread. This battery comes with a 1-year warranty. This product is highly compatible with a wide array of wax due to its diameter and adjustable height feature. The price of this Yocan Battery Uni Pro is a very nominal.

Yocan Evolve Plus Battery

Yocan Evolve Plus battery has a huge battery capacity of around 1100mAh. This battery has a built-in concentrated container and micro USB charging too. This is one of the best wax pen batteries from Yocan. The build quality and performance are far away from an average wax pen battery. This battery comes with a rubber-coated finish that ensures a good grip in it. You can turn it on by pressing the power button 5 times and turn it off by repeating the same action. The price of this Yocan Evolve Plus Battery is a nominal.

Yocan Kodo box mod battery

This type of battery has a stylish design, with a hanging hole, and 400 mAh battery capacity. Furthermore, this comes with a 400 mAh battery capacity and LED light indicators that enhance its performance. It has 3 different temperature settings for the vaporizer.

Yocan Armor battery

It has 510-threaded oil cartridges. The Yocan Armor battery is one of the most preferred Yocan batteries because it ensures it matches the performance of the Yocan Armor Concentrate Vaporizer. A fast charging feature is also available in this type of Yocan battery. You can set the lowest temperature to 2.5 volts and the highest to 3.5 volts. The price of this battery is reasonable .

Yocan battery 510 thread vape pen battery

High-quality vape pen batteries made with high-quality material attain a capacity of 400 mAh or 650mAh etc. Temperatures available in it are from 1.8 volts (Lowest) to 4.2 volts (Highest). The price of the Yocan Battery 510 thread vape pen is very reasonable.

Yocan Battery Price

The price of Yocan Battery depends upon various factors like

  • Build quality, 
  • Battery capacity,
  • Performance, and 
  • Additional functionalities.

Yocan Battery Charging

To charge the Yocan Battery follow the steps below

  • Firstly, turn it off by pressing the power button 5 times. 
  • Take a USB charging cable and connect it with an adapter. 
  • Plug it and connect the Micro USB tip to the battery. 

It will take around some times to charge a your battery.

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